Zoom into exactly what you want with one click! ObjectZoom

ObjectZoom is a XTensions Software for QuarkXPress that eliminates tedious zooming. It lets you work much more efficiently.

The revolution about zooming with ObjectZoom is that it considers the maximum free
space between QuarkXPress palettes on the screen.

With ObjectZoom anchor points will never again hide behind floating palettes after zooming.

ObjectZoom is available for QuarkXPress 6.0 and higher for the Macintosh platform.

ObjectZoom provides various one click zooms:

Box Zoom lets you zoom into an entire selected box or a particular part of it (upper part, lower part, top left, etc
All with one click.

Page and Spread Zoom enable you to zoom into a specific page or spread.

Hide all palettes with one click for maximum viewing space.

Save and recall zoom views for quicker access.

"Once you have tried ObjectZoom, you will wonder how you were able to live without it for so long!"

ObjectZoom is a very ergonomic tool that will increase your productivity and will eliminate tedious zooming. It is easy to install and quick to learn.

Zoom into exactly what you want with one click!

Try it for 14 days for free!

Only US$99 to keep.

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