Our readership's privacy is of utmost importance to us. Protecting your privacy is a very important daily concern at Dacons Online. We are publishing the following privacy policies for your review and so that you have a full understanding of what information Dacons does gather, and what we do with that information.

Dacons Online uses cookies to generate customized web sites. The information which is gathered by Dacons Online will be saved but not sold to third parties. You will not be contacted by Dacons if you choose this option before you submit your registration. Please turn cookies off in your web browser settings if you would not like Dacons Online to remember you.

Dacons does not collect email addresses for resell to third parties. There are many sites that do this however, and we find the practice to be unacceptable.

If you have been on the web for anytime, you will know that there are email robots that circulate through sites collecting all email address on that site that it can find. We have no way to prevent this and all web sites are subjected to this. We do everything possible to prevent it, but these robots can garnish your email from here and just about everywhere else on the net for that matter without much that the Webmaster can do to prevent it. When we are able to identify this as taking place, we actively pursue the vendor and will take legal action as the last recourse to prevent violations of our user's privacy.

Dacons occasionally conducts surveys. No personal information is gathered except that which you might answer in the survey. Since the results are public, this information can be used by vendors to track preferences and other information as a result.

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